About the Company

Unbuilt Labs LLC. is a think tank-media company hybrid. We help clients explore, test, launch, and communicate sustainability initiatives through our research, editorial, e-commerce, and marketing ecosystem. Our world-class team (we are more selective than JPMorgan and Google) also provides strategic foresight to industry leaders.

Sustainability is driven in part by government regulations and in part by consumer demand. The think tank-media company hybrid structure enables us to independently conduct holistic research. What does doing good mean today and what is achievable? What are the sustainable innovations that will shape our future? How do we transition into a more principled and sustainable economy more effectively? We bring together the best talent from industry, academia, as well as popular culture to explore these questions.

The leadership team from across Gen X, Y, and Z brings an international perspective. We have experience in product strategy, advising F500 Directors and consulting for award-winning startups; research, for EU-funded programs; communications, as board member of non-profits and NYTimes best-selling author; marketing, for celebrity clients such as Alicia Keys and her husband Swizz Beatz; and Art, with works featured in Art Basel Miami and collected by MOMA.