Unbuilt Labs launches The Venture Strategy Group, the First Think Tank-backed Venture Advisory

As part of the Unbuilt Labs Think Tank Ecosystem, The Venture Strategy Group brings research from our Sustainable Innovation Think Tank to help businesses contextualize their strategy within a global, historical, social, and academic setting.

“Following incidents at companies such as McKinsey, Facebook, and Google, we need to rethink ‘business as usual’. The new team at The Venture Strategy Group will work as strategists to advise companies while conducting original research at the Sustainable Innovation Think Tank to offer a next generation venture advisory service. We believe a better understanding of the complex human dimension of business problems and the solutions’ unintended consequences have become a necessity,” said Unbuilt Labs Head of Research and Strategy, Marvin Cheung, who will be leading the new Group.

The Venture Strategy Group is currently offering 1:1 advising sessions through Calendly to Startup Founders, CXOs, Board Members, and VCs to help business leaders innovate more purposefully.

“The VS Group is forward looking – we believe the ability to respond creatively to the complex challenges we face will define the next era of great companies. We decided to offer 1:1 sessions because organizational change is not easy. This is a safe space where we listen, understand, and advise,” added Marvin.

The VS Group also offers a 30 Minute Startup Advising service that connects their strategy work with their operational expertise in Design, Product, and Research. 
“It is important to emphasize that doing good should complement operational excellence. We are here to help companies think and succeed beyond the immediate future. With our Startup Advising sessions in particular, we provide learning resources to and anticipate implementation challenges for business leaders because we believe learning paves the way to long term success. Companies from Pre-MVP to Post-Scale Up are welcome. As leaders in innovating through design thinking methodologies, we are more than happy to use our insights to help entrepreneurs brainstorm new solutions.

“We designed the offering so that clients will have more flexibility – you can complete a one-time engagement from diagnostics to implementation, or have regular, quarterly strategy reviews. Some clients just need one or two sessions, which is entirely okay. It is why we decided to provide advising on-demand. We look forward to grabbing a virtual coffee with everyone soon,” said Marvin.

The Venture Strategy Group has provided a direct line to reach Marvin and schedule a coffee chat through Calendly here: https://Venture.UnbuiltLabs.com