Sustainable Innovation Think Tank

Research for Strategic Foresight

There are better ways to think about what it means to do business and how we define impact. We believe a sustainable business model is rapidly becoming a standard as consumers give equal weight to value and values. We publish noteworthy external perspectives alongside our exclusive research.

When we get to the other side of this global assault, of COVID-19 and its economic fallout, our world will look very different. In that yet-to-be-imagined landscape, we want to invite you to help design a sustainable and principled economy.

Our Methods and Services

We bring rigorous academic research to understand the forces behind change and offer clarity in high risk, high uncertainty areas. Clients depend on us to help them better understand the complex human dimensions of their problems and their solutions’ unintended consequences. We contextualize challenges within a global, historical, social, and academic setting.

Clients come to us for our work in six key domains, including The Future of Technology, Research and Design, Media and Communications, Green Buildings and Smart Cities, as well as more generally, Sustainable Innovation.

We bring together the best talent from industry, academia, as well as popular culture to bring context to clients’ problem-defining process. We assemble creative minds to imagine bold solutions. We help clients break free from entrenched ways of thinking and lead in innovation.

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