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If you have a more specific viewpoint, you are welcome to pitch an article, below is a great page to find out more about how to Publish an Article. For details on advertising opportunities or working with our e-commerce team, you can visit the Brand Partnerships page for details. 

An interview is a great space for a conversation. We are thrilled to learn more about your perspective on sustainability topics, upcoming projects, and even your extracurriculars!

The interview process is easy, and stress-free. Once we decide to move forward with your interview, we will email you a few questions related to your work, and a few open-ended questions. You are welcome to answer any combination of them.

After we review your answers, the editors will go through the draft with you. We have included a section titled “What to expect from our editors” at the bottom of the page Publish an Article.

Important to note

  • Articles with fewer than 500 words perform best with our readers. Think of your article as a concise, one-page memo.
  • While we will never publish your draft before receiving explicit written consent through email, please remember that you bear full responsibility over the disclosed information as the author. We always recommend requesting your employer or colleague’s approval of the draft if you do not have full ownership over the product you are commenting on. 
  • We only publish data in the public domain, and we never publish content from anonymous authors. Never disclose proprietary information especially if it concerns an export-controlled technology. 
  • Lastly, by submitting content you agree to our Terms and Conditions, as well as the more specific Terms and Conditions for Content Submission. Please review them thoroughly.

Request an interview

The process to request an interview is simple. Email us at with three questions you would like us to ask, and a link to your Linkedin profile.

Sample open-ended questions

Here are a few examples of open-ended questions we might ask:

  • What do you like about your neighbourhood?
  • What books are you reading at the moment?
  • What is one thing that you feel like is too good to be true right now?
  • What is a trend you want to see disappear forever?
  • What are your favourite events?
  • Who do you think we should interview next?

Last updated: 7 June 2020