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Besides publishing an article, you can also Request an Interview. For details on advertising opportunities or working with our e-commerce team, you can visit the Brand Partnerships page for details. To publish research and product launches, you can follow the standard guidelines below.

Unbuilt Labs is a sustainability publication. We have several columns including Environmental, Social, Governance, +1 and Elsewhere for sustainable lifestyle recommendations. More generally, we focus on how we can do good and do well.

Sustainability is an emerging field with disparate voices. We seek to present ideas and products that we believe are the most relevant even if it is controversial. Your ideas matter to us more than your background.

Important to note

  • Articles with fewer than 500 words perform best with our readers. Think of your article as a concise, one-page memo.
  • While we will never publish your draft before receiving explicit written consent through email, please remember that you bear full responsibility over the disclosed information as the author. We always recommend requesting your employer or colleague’s approval of the draft if you do not have full ownership over the product you are commenting on. 
  • We only publish data in the public domain, and we never publish content from anonymous authors. Never disclose proprietary information especially if it concerns an export-controlled technology. 
  • Lastly, by submitting content you agree to our Terms and Conditions, as well as the more specific Terms and Conditions for Content Submission. Please review them thoroughly.

Content Submission

To get a published article featured on Unbuilt Labs, you can email a link to

However, we always prioritize exclusive content. Email a pitch to

An outline together with a writing sample is the best way to let us know what you have in mind. That can either be an essay you have written in the past, or a paragraph from the piece you intend to publish. We look forward to working with you whether you are a first-time or experienced writer.

What to expect from our editors

First draft

If your outline has been greenlit, congratulations! Please share your first draft through Google Doc when you are ready. Routine copyediting involves a round of fact checking and a basic grammar review. We will also ask you to clarify specific sentences if we feel that doing so will help the reader’s understanding.

Depending on your writing experience and your topic’s complexity, you might decide to request additional help from us. We are happy to help you delete redundant phrases, make suggestions on how to address a query, or support you in any other way you like. Let us know If there is a section that requires our attention!

Generally speaking, these are the annotations you can expect from us:

  1. Please reconcile – a particular detail
  2. Please fix – a factual error
  3. Please clarify – a concept

We respect your content and voice. Unless we see an obvious grammatical error such as subject-verb agreement, we will not edit the original writing. You have full autonomy over how the query is addressed.

Second or third draft

Thank you for following through! Hopefully, all of the earlier queries have been resolved. If that is the case, we will return a final draft after making sure the language is in line with our Content Style Guide. If some concerns persist, we will suggest ways to address it and to help move the conversation forward. 

Let us know how we can do better. We hope you have a fantastic publishing experience!

Last updated: 7 June 2020