Marvin Cheung

Marvin is the Head of Research and Strategy at Unbuilt Labs. He also leads the Venture Strategy Group at Unbuilt Labs – the first Think Tank-backed Venture Advisory. His role at Unbuilt Labs brings together his experiences in Research, UX, PM, and Strategy.

Formerly a researcher at a EU-funded program, Marvin currently focuses on four key areas of research: The Future of Technology, Research and Design, Media and Communications, as well as more generally, Sustainable Innovation.

He has also consulted for award-winning products and advised business leaders internationally prior to Unbuilt Labs. He is currently a member of the Institute of Director’s Policy Voice and Chairmans’s Network, where he offers perspectives on strategic futures to private and public Board of Directors.

Latest insights:

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Historical Developments of The Chicago School’s Approach Towards Antitrust (late 1970s – mid 2010s), 5 Jan 2021

The New Brandeis Ideology (mid 2010s – Present): On the Dangers of Monopoly Power, 5 Jan 2021

Platform and Power: The business Implications of Amazon’s Anti-Competitive Conduct, 5 Jan 2021

The New Antitrust Movement Against Big Tech: Business Implications and Plausible Outcomes, 5 Jan 2021