Expert Panels

If you are interested in getting involved with the company’s expansion, please see Board of Advisors instead.

Thank you for your interest!

An Expert Panel is a community of subject-matter experts that maintains a long-term relationship with us. We are particularly interested in practical idealists who can help us design a more sustainable future. The six available panels are Technology, Research and Design, Media and Communications, Green Buildings and Smart Cities, as well as Sustainable Innovation. We welcome people from all backgrounds, whether you work at a startup, corporation, or non-profit. Unlike the Forbes Agency Council, which costs 1,200 USD a year, our Expert Panel have no such charge. While there are no formal obligations, we will review the relationship on a yearly basis.

To start the conversation, please send your Linkedin profile and a short introduction (around 100 words) to We will schedule an in-person meeting if there is a match.

  • Access to the leadership team. We look forward to contributing to your projects as well.
  • Be in the know. We always announce big product launches through the Expert Panels’ Slack channels before it goes public.
  • Be connected. We hold exclusive events to discuss updates in the field.
  • Be a partner. We will reach out to you first if we have an interesting brand partnership or research opportunities.
  • Prioritized as an author. We respect your expertise.
  • VIP access to events. You will have access to Press Previews, Backstage Passes, and be prioritized as a speaker.
  • Visibility and recognition. We will add your name and biography to the Expert Panel page. You are welcome to use the title “Technology Expert at Unbuilt Labs” if you belong to the Technology Panel, “Research and Design Expert at Unbuilt Labs” if you belong to the Research and Design Panel, and so forth.