Board of Advisors

If you are a subject matter expert on Environmental, Social, or Governance, and would like a relationship with the editorial team, please see Expert Panel instead.

Thank you for your interest! Unbuilt Labs is a startup. While we have a sense of where the company is heading, there is a lot of experimentation involved, and we always welcome feedback. 

The Board of Advisors is a group of people advising the leadership team on the company’s expansion. There are no formal obligations but we review the relationship on a yearly basis.

We are looking for practical idealists to help design a more sustainable future. Please get in touch if you have see a fit! To start the conversation, please send your Linkedin profile and a few sentences to

While we cannot provide monetary compensation for the position at this time, here are some benefits to joining:

  • Access to the leadership team. We look forward to contributing to your projects as well.
  • Access to the Expert Panel.
  • Be in the know. We always announce big product launches through the Advisors’ Slack channel first.
  • Be connected. We hold an Annual Board of Advisor event.
  • Prioritized as an author. We respect your expertise.
  • VIP access to events. You will have access to Press Previews, Backstage Passes, and be prioritized as a speaker. 
  • Visibility and recognition. We will add your name and biography to the Board of Advisor page. You are welcome to use the title “Advisor at Unbuilt Labs”.

We look forward to hearing from you!