We asked Deven Malone, our Summer Policy Analyst, to interview one of our newest member of the Unbuilt Labs family – David Leys. David spoke about what he is looking forward to as a Winter Policy Analyst, why he is taking California and New York Bar exams despite being a qualified lawyer of the Brussels Bar, and his perspectives on sustainable fashion.

Mango is main ingredient in Coca-Cola, and like other ingredients, mainly sourced from India. Due to the poor utilization of crop output, farmers faced several challenges like low income and inability to adopt modern methods of cultivation.

Bonsucro is a global multi-stakeholder non-profit organization that exists to promote sustainable sugarcane production, processing and trade around the world. Bonsucro supports a community of over 280 members in over 50 countries, drawn from all elements of the sugarcane supply chain, including, farmers, millers, traders, buyers and support organizations.

According to Drinks Industry Sustainability Index – Trends Report 2020 (C&C Group plc, & Footprint Intelligence, 2020), the beverage industry scored only 4.8 (10) on sustainability. The report showed that there were some good practices in the beverage industry, for example, people realize the importance of packaging. But because the beverage industry is highly energy intensive, the carbon footprint is huge considering the transportation and waste of raw materials, packaging and final product.

Cos launches Resell Collection for Pre-loved Clothes

It’s all very well doing a Marie Kondo and chucking out all the clothes we no longer wear, but wardrobe purges do tend to be very wasteful. Cos, however, is giving you the opportunity to make a quick buck off your old clothes while having access to other people’s pre-owned garms. Cos Resell is a project that allows shoppers to buy and sell their Cos clothes. Think of it like the Depop of minimalist style. To sell, all you have to do is enter your item details, upload photos, set your price and set it live. Listing is free.