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Remote Handholding: 3 TV shows to watch #inthehouse about lovable people trying to make a difference

By Marguerite Van Cook / 11th March 2020

Monty Don and his two golden retrievers.

Gardeners’ World  This long running British Television show 1968-present features Monty Don ( Montagu Denis Wyatt Don OBE) and his lovely, patient dogs as he offers gardening advice at Long Meadow, his personal estate in Herefordshire. As Monty wanders through the gardens potting and pruning, his soothing voice and relaxed pace are the ideal remedy to stress. In fact, it’s easy to nap through entire episodes and pick up wherever you find yourself. In 2016 new executive producer Paolo Proto, previously producer of The Great British Bake Off, took over and brought that same wonderful anglophile comfort to Gardener’s World. If you ever aspired to the life of an English gentleman, thought about growing your own vegetables, or just love to be out of doors at least in spirit, then this program is for you. Available through BritBox, either online or through Amazon Prime, the subscription offers a sprawling 29 shows from 2018 and another 32 in 2019. Put it on and let it run all day.


Chef’s Table

 This Emmy nominated Chef’s Table is not just a cooking show, but a journey into the drive and entrepreneurship of extraordinarily talented chefs on their way to opening a business. Courageously discussing their challenges and risks in opening their restaurants, the chefs provide insights into how they imagined their unique brand and how their creativity brought their enterprise to reality. Each episode tells the story of a different chef and their deep commitment to delicious food, its sourcing and sustainability, and their overwhelming desire to share their culinary vision with their customers. All of this soul-bearing narrative happens as they prepare inspired and unique dishes.

 Available on Netflix, the program is as emotionally gripping as it is educational and offers 6 seasons for your consumption.


Some great South Korean Dramas to start with, if you are not already part of the K wave.

I Am Not a Robot 로봇이 아니야

Which of the two is the robot?

I Am Not a Robot is a perfect introduction to the Korean romantic comedy genre. In this hilarious and heartwarming series an AI Tech startup tries to please their hugely wealthy, company-owner patron, (Chaebol heir) in a desperate attempt to keep their funding. When their proto female robot which looks exactly like the team leader’s ex-girlfriend, is accidentally damaged, the ex-girlfriend becomes the living substitute. The handsome heir has been living in isolation due to an allergy to people and warily welcomes her as an addition to his treasured appliance collection. All kinds of fun follows.  Stars Yoo Seung-hoChae Soo-bin and Um Ki-joon perfectly play out what human interaction with robots might look like.

And for the full experience, download the OST (Original Sound Track) I am Not a Robot with tracks Would You Love Me? by Stella Jang, Loving You with All of My Heart by DamSoNe GongBang and more…

Download the free Rakuten Viki App to watch I am Not a Robot

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